Or should I say 300,000 words about ponies? Something like that.

I’ve learned a lot about handling folks who are upset by what I do.

I’ve run with the ponies into what’s now a third cloppy pony novel, and made new friends, none of whom know that I used to do this comic years ago. I never told them about it, or the books I’d written for the few people who were reading them.

And I never said anything about it, but I kept drawing, too. I wanted to get to where I felt like I knew what I was doing. That still hasn’t happened, but now I draw better on casual doodles than I used to do when I agonizingly drew every day, and it’s a lot less painful to go through.

And Project Wonderful now encourages that NSFW-comic zone with advertising support that permits an artist to work in that zone without forcing them into XXX ad services loaded with ew humans…

Not done with the ponies. I have an unfinished furry book that I left off because it’d gone unbearably grimdark on me, but I’ve led the pony books back into that zone and found a voice there. Things are converging, somehow.

The kitties plot in the wings. They have a new story they’re excited about, though they’re not quite sure where it’ll end. The ponies hold center stage- but as much as I’ve reinvented them, as much as I love them, they’ll never be mine and one day I’ll have to let them go and return to my own.

Not today.

One day. Mark my words. See you in another couple years? And don’t tell the ponies- some of ‘em would be pretty shocked by Mags and some of the shit she’s pulled. I swear, her book scared me away from original work. She’s watching ponies too and swears she can reinvent herself as the manic spirit of chaos. I’m afraid to ask whether she means Discord or Pinkie Pie.