The story of Jennis and Allie continues at

I’m seriously exploring the idea of continuing the Magarce story arc in novel form, and just updating with things like random pinups here. After all, I’ve done more than 120,000 words of the first post-comic Tally Road novel over at, and it’s been good- for absolutely no advertising or promotion, there’s a lot of people still reading. I’m wondering about just going ahead with that- though I feel totally confident I could WRITE a continuing Tally Road. The catch is, I just can’t draw it- or can’t be happy with the way I draw it- or just never liked drawing, which explains why I never did any growing up.

If there’s anybody who’s so hot to see more Tally Road comics action that they’d take on drawing it- we should talk, because it looks like I can handle literally everything else. Specifically, penciling just makes me cry and be sad-kitty. I’ve got other projects that are too big now to get frozen up staring at blank bristol board and weeping. Among them is telling what happens with Mags and Finn and Perre- even if it has to be in words.

I like words ;)